Importing Maps

Using the map menu, select Import and choose a file. Use the dropdown filter on the open dialog to select which type of file(s) you wish to import.

Importing TileEditor Files[edit]

In order to be able to import files created with the nexts own tile editor, you will need a copy of the four files with the extensions .nxp, .nxm, .'nxb and .nxt.

Importing Images[edit]

When importing an image, Octarine will slice it into 8x8 blocks and attempt to deduplicate them based on flip, mirror and rotatation (and combinations of all three). If the tile count exceeds 512, then import will stop and display an error message. Once this is done, it attempts to create a new palette, mapping each tile to the best avaailable 16 colour slot. This can, in some circumstances cause the palette to fill quite quickly and may result in some tiles with garbled colours. This will be addressed at a later date when a best match algorithm is planned to be developed.