Sprite Editor

Sprite Editor

Draw Area[edit]

Toolbar Icons and Shortcuts
Icon Name Shortcut/Key Description
Paint.png Paint D Enable paint mode, left mouse to draw with colour 1, right mouse to draw with colour 2.
Pick.png Colour Picker P Use the left or right mouse button to select the colour under the mouse pointer.
Select.png Select Tool S Enables selection mode.
RotateCW.png Rotate Clockwise Rotates the whole image 90 degrees clockwise
RotateCCW.png Rotate Anti-clockwise Rotates the whole image 90 degrees anti-clockwise
Flip.png Flip Flips the whole image upside down
Mirror.png Mirror Mirrors the whole image
Fill.png Fill F Fills the area under the mouse with the selected colour
Grid.png Toggle Grid G Changes the visibility of the grid overlay
Magnify.png Zoom In = Increases the magnification
ZoomOut.png Zoom Out + Decreases the magnification
Left.png Scroll Left ⇧-⭠ Moves the image left by one pixel wrapping the left column to the right
Up.png Scroll Up ⇧-⭡ Moves the image up by one pixel wrapping the top line to the bottom
Down.png Scroll Down ⇧-⭣ Moves the image down by one pixel wrapping the bottom line to the top
Right.png Scroll Right ⇧-⭢ Moves the image right by one pixel wrapping the right column to the left
Cut.png Cut Copies the selected area to the clipboard clears the selected pixels
Copy.png Copy Copies the selected area to the clipboard
Paste.png Paste Paste from the clipboard

This is the main drawing area, using the left mouse button performs actions using the primary colour, the right mouse button uses the secondary colour. The middle mouse button selectes the colour under the cursor. Refer to the table above for a list of shortcuts and drawing modes available.

Color Picker / Palette Editor[edit]


Sprite List[edit]

The active selected sprite is highlighted by a dotted square. Left click changes the selected sprite and displays it in drawing area at the top of the tool.

To add a new sprite, click on the + icon at the end of the sprite list.

Sprites may be reorded using drag and drop. To move a sprite to a new position, grab it with the left mouse button and drop it in the new position. If you hold shift whilst dragging and dropping, the sprite where you drop over will be replaced with the one you dragged.

Right clicking on a sprite will display a context menu:

  • Delete
    • Delete's the sprite, moving all the following sprites down one position
  • Clear
    • Clears the entire sprite to colour 0
  • Copy image
    • Copies the sprite under the cursor to the clipboard.
  • Paste image
    • Pastes an image from the clipboard to the sprite under the cursor. If the clipboard image uses a different palette, the colours will be remapped.


  • Support for 4bit 16 colour sprites
  • Multi-select
    • Export selection to image
  • Add import image by drag and drop
  • Update animation frames when sprites are reordered.
  • Add "import here" context menu