Work In Progress

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  • Moved config files to .config/octarine directory
  • Added a preferences dialog.
  • Reworked the UI styling to fix some glitches with the dockable windows.
  • Fixed "Export" item on map menu was permanently disabled.

Sprite Editor

  • Fixed an issue when importing images as a new sprite sheet that resulted in no tiles created.

Map Editor

  • It is now possible to copy regions between maps, providing they both use the same tile set.
  • Fixed a problem with checking for duplicate tiles when importing images, that would ignore a tiles rotated status.
  • Fixed tooltip showing incorrect info in the tile picker tool.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a project and moving the mouse in the tile picker
  • Tile picker didn't change tile sets when activating a different map
  • Fixed map editor copy as image didn't work
  • Fixed a crash when pasting tiles and some of the tiles fall outside of the map.