Work In Progress

Revision as of 13:28, 28 June 2020 by CaptainBlack (talk | contribs)


  • Added a proper installer
  • Fixed a problem with the online update check reporting a new version when there wasn't (whoops!)


  • Created an AppImage, should work on most distributions.


  • Fixed an issue with saving settings in the wrong location
  • Added a progress dialog when opening a project with a lot of tabs, which could be very slow on windows.
  • Added "Recent" to the file menu. It remembers the last 5 opened projects for quick switching.

Map Editor

  • Fixed a problem with the paste rectangle appearing offset when the map was scrolled past position 0,0
  • Added Ctrl+Scroll Wheel zoom on tile selector (⌘-Scroll wheel on Mac)

Tile Editor

  • Added two more attributes
    • Climbable - Flags the tile as a climbable element, such as a ladder or rope
    • Door/Exit - Flags a tile as part of a door or exit
  • Added "Export Attributes" menu item to export tile attributes as either text (asm) or binary data.